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Fani Mihajlovska

External expert

Fani Mihajlovska is an attorney at law with 22 years professional private practice experience.

Mihajlovska holds bachelor degree in Law, State Bar Exam and Industrial Property Protection Office exam for authorized agents. She is an intellectual property authorized representative and authorized registration agent.

Since 1997 to date Mihajlovska runs Law office which works on many areas of the law and provides general consultation and advice in the civil, administrative and corporate law areas of practice, analysis of laws and regulations regarding areas applicable to the interest of the clients and their transactions, analysis of changes and amendments in laws and regulations, as they affect the client, representation of companies and physical persons at the courts in Republic of North Macedonia, representation at ministries, municipalities, governmental agencies and other agencies, registrations and fillings of applications in connection with creation of companies, various organizational changes of corporate nature, registration and renewal of registration of intellectual property, trademarks and copyright, permanent and complete representing and legal advice to production and commercial companies, institutes and firms from the country and from abroad.

Mihajlovska has experience with numerous administrative cases, representing clients in front of public authorities. These experiences lead to cooperation with non-governmental organization Center for Change management (CCM) on projects about citizen-centric approach to delivery of public services with main goal to strengthen civil society involvement in public administration reform and about monitoring administrative justice with main goal to open an extensive public debate altering awareness for the importance of efficiency and effectiveness in the public administration at the service of citizens and contribute to establishing better and more efficient practices in public administration.

As a member of Journalists’ Legal Environmental Center ERINA Skopje, Macedonia, she worked on several projects: “Assessments and recommendations for the possibilities for early ratification and implementation of the AARHUS CONVENTION in the Republic of Macedonia” supported by REC-Budapest, Project “Krusevo-Habitat for people” supported by Phare, Project “Green vote”, supported by ISC, USAID, Project “Law on access to environmental information”, supported by ISC, USAID.      

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