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Natalija Shikova

External expert

Natalija Shikova is a former program coordinator at the Center for change management.

Her previous work experiencece includes working as a journalist in a weekly newspaper; local consultant for the Conflict management group (nongovernmental organization for reconciliation from Harvard), several years of working experience for UNDP Macedonia as a coordinator for communities in the crisis prevention and renewability cluster with the aim of prevention of use of small and light weaponry as well as building safe communities in the areas affected by the conflict; project assistant in a project supported by the British embassy in Macedonia, realized at the Secretariat for European affairs in the Government of the Republic of Macedonia with the aim of strengthening the capacities of the public administration for EU integration; project assistant supported by the British embassy in Macedonia conducted in the Ministry of Information Society and administration aimed at fostering and support of reforms in public administration; project coordinator of the EU financed project Network 23, whose aim is to establish mechanisms of monitoring and evaluation regarding the conducting of policies related to chapter 23 from EU law, project coordinator supported by the EU as part of the civic network for prevention of conflict of interest “Greater partake – less corruption opportunities”; project coordinator of the project “Greater participation – better policies and regulations” as part of the Civica Mobilitas program, with the aim of conducting the rule of law through the increased influence of civil society organizations in the process of decision making and evaluation of public policies.  

Shikova holds a PhD. in legal science i.e. international law at the University Cyril and Methodius in Macedonia. She in an author of a book and an author and co – author of several writings and policy papers, published in national and international journals that are focusing on trust building measures, tolerant society, cooperation, public administration reforms, democracy and human rights, and is also an editor in publications and brochures.

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