Bridging the gap between multinational companies and domestic small and medium size enterprises in Macedonia

The Project will in general improve the cooperation, networking and building of value chain and supply system between domestic SMEs and multinational companies (MNCs) matching in line with the key competitiveness reforms in the country. It will operate in four clusters that are specifically targeted as different steps across this road.

Period 19.12.2017 - 19.12.2019

Donor: This project is financed by the EU

Project beneficiary: Domestic small and medium size enterprises and multinational companies which operate in Macedonia

Main goal:

To establish and/or improve the links between domestic small and medium enterprises (dSMEs) and multinational companies (MNCs) operating in Macedonia, in order to increase domestic business sector competitiveness.

Expected results:

  • Identified value chain supply barriers and mapped value chains
  • The capacities of domestic small and medium enterprises  for skills fostering selling themselves to the multinational companies; identification of opportunities, building networks and improved efficiency.
  • The technological gap and lack of professional company standards between domestic and multinational companies is reduced, by improving capacity and information for standardisation and licensing, elevating innovation and R&D capacity and fostering implementation of new technologies
  • Established and upgraded partnerships between the dSMEs and MNCs

The project is funded by the European Union

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Business cooperation between MNC and the domestic SMEs

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