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Support for evidence-based policy making in the education sector

The project aims to establish an analytical unit within the Minsitry of Education and Science, and thus develop the analytical function in the Ministry. The project includes definining the organization of the analytical unit, recruitment of personell, improving their capacities and defining work procedures. In addition, the central information systems for education will be analyzed and recommendations for improvement will be provided, including developing procedures for data collection and exchange within the institutions in the education sector.

Period 05.12.2018 - 31.12.2019

Donor: British Embassy Skopje via UNICEF

Project beneficiary: Ministry of Education and Science

Main goal:

​​​​​​To create and analyze policies in the education sector based on evidence

Expected results:

  • Analytical Unit established in the Ministry of Education and Science to ensure evidence-driven decision making and development of institutional mechanisms to support policy reform

  • System for data collection and reporting among the public sector institutions concerning education developed

The project is funded by the British Embassy Skopje, via UNICEF

Project gallery

Workshop for key findings and recommendations for improvement of the EMIS and E-Diary systems

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