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Support to Public Administration Reform

The project includes support to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in the process of reforms in the public administration.

Period 01.06.2013 - 31.03.2015

Donor: British Embassy through DIV (Diplomatic influences and values)

Project beneficiary: Ministry of Information Society and Administration

Main goal:

Capacity building of the Ministry of Information Society and administration for Public management reform (RIA)

Expected results:

Established communication strategy and raised awareness among civil / public servants for management competencies 

  • Implemented standards for quality management in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration threw the joint framework Common Assessment Framework (CAF), hence creating a model for other government structures
  • Conducted trainings for capacity building of employees in the Ministry of Information Society and Administration for coordinating with projects needed for implementing segments of the national RIA strategy     
  • Developed communication strategy for facilitation and support of the process of competence management based on the framework of competences for management with human resources in the administration of RM
  • Organization of a public campaign to encourage messages for the system based on competences, including the most frequently asked questions
  • Organizing debates and workshops in the civil services of the state authorities and local municipalities as well as support in human resources management framework based on competencies.

Developed competences based on the skills of intermediate management (performance management) 

  • Developed modules for training of trainers for management with human resource based on competences intended for management from intermediate level in the ministry’s;
  • Chosen and trained 10 trainers (specialists in human resources) who will transfer their knowledge to train middle management in the ministries, paying attention to the assessment and development of competencies of employees;
  • Conducted 20 trainings in 14 ministries for management of human resources based on competencies intended for middle-level management;
  • Prepared methodology for managing skills and competencies framework for the management of human resources administration;
  • Improving the methodology for human resources based on the framework for competencies in administration;
  • Revision of publication of the standards for human resources in accordance to the framework of competences including standards for equal opportunities
  • Prepared internal procedures to regulate the implementation of human resources management based on competencies
  • Conducted training at the department of the human resources at the level of public administration in the implementation of human resources management based on competencies
  • Training of units of human resources in selected institutions of state administration by a team of trainers for human resources, to support the implementation of the standards of human resources and standards-based competencies.

Established systems and procedures for human resources management based on competencies

  • Finished guide based on competencies for interviews with potential candidates (who are in search of jobs)
  • Ready guide based on competencies for interview and selection of panels and managers for human resources
  • 17 brochures prepared with samples for testing and recruitment based on competence, simulations, case studies, questionnaires for basic and job-specific competencies;
  • Prepared system for e-learning certification of members of the panel interviews

Prepared concept for education and development in line with the strategy RIA, for implementing a structured approach for attending and developing skills 

  • Developed knowledge about the introduction of e-learning in public administration;
  • 13 modules  developed for e-learning aimed directly within the framework of management competences: (1) Management for change ; (2) Communication; (3) Management and development; (4) Strategy and Innovation; (5) Problem solving and decision making; (6) Achieving results; (7) Education and Development; (8) Customer oriented; (9) Working with others; (10) Potential impacts of new regulations (RIA); (11) Equal opportunities and anti-discrimination; (12) Free access to information; (13) Privacy protection;
  • Preparing a training program and training of senior officials (senior management) to improve their professional skills, core competencies, specific skills (technical work).






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