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Trainings, consultations and counseling


Why choose CCM?

CUP offers training, tailor-made workshops, consultations, counseling for government, government agencies, the business sector and all organizations / institutions that want to introduce certain structural reforms and positive changes in their operations and the wider environment.


The trainings we offer are based on a methodology that brings the most appropriate effects for mastering knowledge in the short term because it is based on a scientifically proven learning approach in adults. This approach is based on participatory learning and focuses on the exchange of experiences and their application in practice. At the same time, during the trainings we create a pleasant atmosphere for work, respect for all participants and a safe learning environment.

For each of the trainings, the participants will receive appropriate teaching materials as support for learning, and then support for its application in everyday practice. These materials cover theoretical concepts that are part of the training, case studies and practical examples.

We provide certificates for all participants who have actively completed the training.


The workshops are tailored to the needs of the organizations / institutions and their value consists in the fact that you get clearly defined contours of a certain process - e.g. strategic plan, work procedures, analysis of a particular policy, etc.
We create the workshop program together to meet your specific needs. This means that we are working on real situations that do not lead to a certain product, and the process of learning and exchanging opinions is structured, relevant and effective.
The workshops enable the creation of a culture of learning, innovation and cross-sectoral / inter-institutional cooperation, necessary for solid functioning and achieving results.

We can deliver the workshops directly to your premises.

Consultations and conseling

CUP provides a wide range of advisory services and consultations in the following areas:

Advisory services and consultations are tailored to the needs of organizations / institutions. We understand that one-size-fits-all access may not be the most appropriate solution and we build our programs according to the specific conditions, problems and challenges faced by organizations / institutions. Together we seek solutions and build strategies to overcome them based on existing opportunities.

Finally, we offer process leadership, enthusiasm, and hands-on support in what organizations / institutions need as a finished product.

CUP regularly implements measures to ensure high quality of work by providing an appropriate profile of trainers and consultants. The experience we are transferring is based on the best practices of EU member states, combined with the local experience and knowledge we have in the relevant areas.

Trainers and clients are trained by renowned consulting firms such as Public Administration International (PAI), National School of Government (NSG), Westminster Training LTD, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), INTRAC, Oxford, NI-CO from Britain and Northern Ireland, the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA), Management for Development Cooperation (MDF) - the Netherlands, Mansell, Ghent University - Belgium, Potsdam Centrum fur Politik und Management - Germany, The Hague Academy for Local Governance - the Netherlands, Council of Europe, Rankin and Associates and Tunis and Associates from Canada.

The trainings, consultations and counselings are available in Macedonian and English.

Categories of training and counseling

Data management

Quality management

EU integrations

Soft skills

Project management

Organisational skills

Public administration

Gender equality and non-discrimination

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