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Regional WeBER 2.0 Conference - Citizens First

Date: 10.11.2022

From November 8 to 9, 2022 in Belgrade, the "Citizens First" conference of the WeBER 2.0 project conducted by the regional network of civil society organizations TEN - Think for Europe was organized.
The purpose of the Conference was to share the experiences and challenges of the Western Balkan countries in the field of public administration reforms.

At this conference, the Center for Change Management (CCM) was represented by the program coordinator Iskra Belcheva Ristovska, who had her own presentation in the field of service delivery by the public administration. In her presentation, she highlighted not only the challenges but also the positive examples of digitalization of numerous public services, in the process of which the Change Management Center (CCM) has made a major contribution.

The following areas were covered at the conference: (1) Local governments and the participation of the civil sector at the local level; (2) Presentation on SIGMA's data portal; (3) Comparative analysis of progress between Western Balkan countries; (4) Consultations with citizens and participatory democracy

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