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Vision, mission and values



We stand for a future in which citizens have a high quality of life in a modern society based on the principles of good governance, rule of law, economic prosperity and respect for European values.


CCM analyzes, conducts research and proposes expert solutions for the positive changes in the field of modernization and professionalization of the administration, EU integration and socio-economic development of our country.


The values that guide the organization direct the team's efforts towards common strategic goals and indicate what the organization believes in, but also how employees are expected to behave, not only with each other but also with associates and other stakeholders. They provide us with a moral direction that guides decision-making and establishes a standard for evaluating actions. Our values are as follows:

  1. Integrity and Ethics - Our team acts independently, professionally and with the highest moral and ethical principles to achieve the pre-set strategic goals.
  2. Openness for Change - As the name of our organization suggests, CCM encourages and supports changes in society that lead to the well-being of the community.
  3. Transparency - We carry out our activities in an open, transparent and accountable way, and through our behavior we want to convey the same values ​​to the public institutions with which we cooperate and where we aim to make changes.
  4. Networking and Partnership - We strive to achieve greater involvement and cooperation in decision-making processes with all relevant stakeholders in order to optimize the benefits of the proposed solutions and contribute to the successful implementation of public projects interest.
  5. Continuous learning - Our action is guided by the motto 'excellence in work'. Therefore, we encourage a culture of learning and investing in continuous development, equally in the activities that we implement and within our organization, in order to improve the results and quality of work of the organization.
  6. Innovation, Creativity and Openness to Change - We support creativity and openness to innovation by our employees and everyone we work with. This opens space for finding new and effective solutions to the problems we face and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others.
  7. Equality and fair treatment - We promote and practice the principles of equality, equal opportunity and fair treatment, as well as respect for individual differences. Cultural diversity is treated as an asset and continuous efforts are made to ensure that everyone has a share in society without feeling excluded. We promote social cohesion and integration of vulnerable areas.
  8. Social Responsibility - We encourage individuals and institutions / organizations to think and act for the benefit of society as a whole.

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