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Прирачник за преструктурирање на женски бизниси во услови на КОВИД-19


year: 2022

This handbook is part of the project "Measures to strengthen women's businesses after Covid-19" which aims to support the strengthening of women entrepreneurship in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The project implements activities to establish more sustainable and sustainable business models for women businesses, as well as solutions and proposed measures to revise existing government programs aimed at the business sector, in order to alleviate the economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. with a special focus on supporting women entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the project is to identify the consequences and challenges faced by women entrepreneurs under Covid and to provide full support in overcoming these consequences, advancing existing business practices, introducing new technology and digitizing processes and policies. management. The idea is to provide long-term solutions for the growth and development of women's businesses and to transfer good practices to other businesses affected by the Covid 19 crisis. For that purpose, within the project, nine companies owned by women have been identified, which are working on their development through an eight-month mentoring process by experts from several fields.

The activity manual follows the focus groups with women entrepreneurs and field visits and interviews with business owners, which were selected within the project, in order to define the type and needs for development, sales promotion and addressing the challenges of Covid- Pandemic.

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