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Developing knowledge-based public sector


year: 2020

The aim of this research is to assess how institutional memory is built and maintained in the public sector and to determine whether knowledge is treated as a resource to be shared in order to build a knowledge-based public sector.

The research coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic that put the public sector to the test of the ability to function in such conditions when everything needs to be digitized and accessible remotely, and institutional functions flow smoothly. Unfortunately, the public sector failed this test. Officials are not able to work from home, and the necessary information is usually stored only locally on their computers and there is no possibility of any other way of functioning other than physical presence in the premises of the institution. 

Therefore, the aim of this research is to encourage importance and understanding of the topic, to raise awareness for taking the necessary measures for proper digitalization of institutions and their processes as a basic tool in the modern construction of institutional memory and knowledge sharing, and open up debate and prioritize, show leadership and strategic orientation towards dealing with the problem in times of crisis.

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