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Manual for investigative journalism and access to information


year: 2017

This manual on investigative journalism and access to information is a tool for everyday use and is intended primarily for students of journalism and young journalists who have a desire and opportunity to pursue investigative journalism.

Investigative journalism in contemporary democracies is critical to fulfilling the role of the media, it is also a watchdog and human rights defender. The most important task of journalists in democratic societies is to protect the interests of citizens. To accomplish this task, journalists uncover abuses of power and the power of individuals or institutions and thus contribute to responsible and accountable governance, promoting the public interest. Investigative journalism is taught at the faculties of journalism, and professional media allocate special means for journalistic research and train their journalists how to research. Investigative journalism is based on established rules and standards. For the work of investigative journalists, it is important to respect the moral standards of the journalistic profession and the legal framework for access to public information.

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