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Roadmap for improved strategic approach and sectorial accountability

year: 2020

This paper is presenting the strategic planning system, but also the institutional framework for creation and implementation, including financing, project preparation and management, monitoring and evaluation. Namely, all these elements must meet certain criteria in order for the strategic planning system to be complete and functional. The analysis of official documents includes strategies, laws and international reports. Additionally, as part of this analysis, the research on the analysis of the existing lines of accountability and strategic planning in the labor and social policy sector was taken into account, as well as the procedure for its preparation. As part of that research, talks were held with all parties involved in the processes for its development, as well as three one-day workshops with all institutions in that sector. As a structure, the analysis below includes identification of the existing situation, advantages and disadvantages of strategic and operational planning processes, as well as recommendations for addressing the problems. The analysis of official documents starts from a large number of documents that analyze certain phases of strategic planning in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. Based on consultations with key stakeholders, the analysis addresses several parts relevant to strategic and operational planning such as sector approach, institutional framework, financing and budgeting, project management and planning, and their monitoring and evaluation. In each of these sections, the shortcomings of the current system have been identified and analyzed, and recommendations have been made for their improvement. The content of the document is divided into five parts. In the first part the strategic framework is analyzed, in the second part the strategic planning and the sector approach, the institutional strategic framework is elaborated in the third part, the financing and the connection with the budget is analyzed in the fourth part and in the last part the monitoring and policy evaluation system. programs and strategies.

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