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Methodology for conducting Functional Analysis in public sector institutions

year: 2018

The purpose of the process of conducting a functional analysis is to identify the challenges from an organizational and functional point of view in the institution in which it is implemented, which can potentially hinder the realization of the current competencies and tasks of the institution, but also those provided by the strategic documents and to propose concrete measures to improve the fulfillment of the goals and objectives of the institution, aimed at achieving the expected results. The functional analysis aims to give a realistic and complete picture of the readiness of the institution in the short and medium term to carry out the necessary improvements for better performance of its basic functions. The implemented process should be translated into a document that will review the efficiency and effectiveness of the performance of works and work tasks within the internal set-up, as well as the distribution of available resources (personnel, space, IT, technical, etc.), from which of course the most important is human capital. Namely, the findings and recommendations from the FA are a solid basis for redefining the priorities, redesigning the 8 Introduction structure and directing the administrative capacity to achieve better results.

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