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Gender equality and non-discrimination


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Gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender responsible policy making and budgeting in ministries and state administration bodies

The aim of the programme is to encourage understanding of the importance of including gender equality in the processes of creating, monitoring, and evaluating public policies, followed by appropriate budgetary implications.

The training emphasizes the importance, but also gives practical knowledge on how gender aspects become an integral part of all these processes and thus put an end to inequality, while taking into account the different priorities of men and women.

This approach is a model of essential equity that is not only affected by equal opportunities but also by the fairness of the results in the implementation of state policies.

Gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender responsible creating policies at the local level

The main goals of the programme were to raise awareness about the possibility of gender concepts being integrated into the processes of creating local economic and other policies while applying different tools in the policy-making cycle.

Gender responsible for creating local policies speaks to the importance of effective planning in the process of creating local policies and the inclusion of gender aspects at all stages of the process (in creating a vision for change, analysis based on evidence, defining scenarios, decision making, risk management and policy assessment)

Gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender aspects in research

The aim of the training is to define ideas and hypotheses relevant to the promotion of gender equality within the subject of analysis.

During the training, the focus is on certain parameters which, if the research takes into account, the differences between men and women in the results will be representative.

Gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender Impact Assessment

The aim of the training is to provide participants with the e-ante assessment process of the impact of policies and regulations that shape the lives of people from a gender perspective.

Policies and regulations that seem to be neutral can have different effects on men and women. Such differences can contribute to deepening inequalities rather than overcoming them

The training is based on the existing process and the application of the Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) in the processes of creating, monitoring and evaluating policies, but this time the focus is on gender issues.

After the training, the participants will be able to successfully practice the key techniques of the RIA process and evaluate the gender aspects in these processes.

Gender equality and non-discrimination

Gender equality and non-discrimination

The aim of the programme is for the participants to acquire the basic concepts of gender equality and to recognize the social disparities that exist in the society, which are a condition for gender discrimination.

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