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Call for Application - Regional Project Y-O MODEL (Erasmus-Youth-2023-CB)

Дата: 01.07.2024

Are you a young individual passionate about making a difference in your community and influencing youth policies?
We invite you to apply to be part of an innovative project aimed at shaping youth engagement in politics and society!


The project “A Cross Regional Predictive Model for Youth Policy Shaping - Youth Observers” is a 24-month initiative aiming to create a new model for youth engagement in politics and society named “Y-Os” (Youth Observers). This project includes participants from Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Italy, encouraging policy dialogue, cooperation, networking, and the exchange of best practices. It aims to raise the capacities of youth and promote strategic cooperation between youth organizations across these regions.


  • Introduce “Youth Observers” (Y-Os) as an innovative way for youth policy engagement.
  • Encourage stronger regional youth cooperation by identifying and connecting issues based on the EU Youth strategy.
  • Promote policy dialogue and cooperation among youth organizations.
  • Enhance networking and exchange of best practices.
  • Raise the capacities of youth to participate effectively in policy shaping.

1. Mesdheu Center (MC-Albania)

1. Qendra Shkence dhe Inovacion per Zhvillim (SCiDEV), Albania
2. Center for Change Management (CCM), North Macedonia
3. Qendra per Studime Krahasuese dhe Nderkombetare (QSKN/CCIS), Albania
4. Institute for Development Policies (INDEP), Kosovo
5. EURelations GEIE, Italy


  • Youth aged between 19-30 years from Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, and Italy.
  • Passionate about youth engagement, politics, and societal issues.
  • Committed to participating in all project activities, including seminars, study visits, training sessions, and the final conference.



  1. Youth Observer Groups and Participants:
  • Establish 4 Youth Observer Groups (Y-Os), one in each partner country.
  • Select 15 youth per Y-O, per country, around August 2024.
  1. Seminars and Study Visits
  • Youth two-day seminars (blended format: online and in-person) and study visits with 5 participants from each partner countries
    • YO's two-day seminar in Kosovo around August 2024 (25 participants in-person + online).
    • YO's two-day seminar in Italy, around May 2025 (25 participants in-person + online).
    • YO's two-day seminar and study visit in Macedonia, around January 2025 (25 participants in-person + online).

3. Training and Documentation

    • Hold 4 online meetings to discuss policy papers internally, around January 2026.
    • Organize 4 policy round tables as policy dialogue, one in each partner country.
  • Design 4 policy papers, one per partner country, within September 2024.
  • Finalize a regional Policy Paper titled “Mapping youth issues in engagement in policy dialogue,” one for each partner country, around January 2026.

4.Final Event:

  • Organize a final project conference in Tirana, around February 2026.


To apply, please submit the Applications to:

Deadline for Applications: 1-21 July 2024

For more information, please contact:

ул.Митрополит Теодосиј Гологанов бр.34а,
1000 Скопје, Северна Македонија

Тел: +389 2 6092 216