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Second day of the discussions of the focus groups for RIA

Date: 09.02.2018

The discussions of the focus groups from a number of Ministries, organized by the Center for change management and the Ministry for information society and administration, continued today in the hotel Solun in Skopje. This meeting and the discussions are on the topic of the regulatory impact assessment, which is one of the components of the project “Support for the process of reforms in the public administration”.

The debate and the discussions today were focused on the process of planning and implementation of the RIA in the ministries; on the capacities for implementation of the analyses in the framework of the RIA process; the challenges related with the RIA process and the preparation of the report for the RIA as well as the next steps that should be undertaken for the improvement of the quality of the process and the analyses.

The third focus group involves representatives from the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of environment and spatial planning as well as the Ministries of local self-government and foreign affairs.

The fourth and the last focus group consists from representatives from the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water economy, the Ministry for Culture, the Ministry for education and science as well as the Ministry for transport and communication

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