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Fostering Good Governance and Public Administration Reform (second phase)

The project aims to maintain good governance at the top of the political agenda. The project interventions are designed to analyze current state of affairs in several areas related to the accountability as one of the top priorities in the PAR agenda, such as: improving transparency and accountability of public institutions; responsibility for delivery of results and improving the supervision of the public in the implementation of the recommendations by the key institutions and greater efficiency, effectiveness and functionality of the institutions. As accountability in modern government is a key component of democracy, the continuation of the project will keep the focus on the principles of good governance ensuring that elected officials are held responsible for their actions, especially undertaking structural reforms and building a strong and effective public administration.

Period 01.07.2023 - 30.06.2025

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

Project beneficiary: Institutions from the public sector,
Employees in the public sector.

Main goal:

1.    To embed good governance practices in the institutions for the benefit of the citizens 
2.    To engage decision makers to undertake measures for increasing accountability due to increased public pressure to put good governance at the top of the political agenda by including good governance measures in all strategic policies of the Government. 

Expected results:

  1. Conducting desk research and analysis of current legal framework in selected area of PAR, identify current bottle-necks and challenges in implementation of regulation, analysis the work of institutions. Developing research methodologies and conducting in-depth research on specific topics.
  2. Monitoring processes and research on the work of the institutions in the specific areas related to good governance and public administration reform, the project aims to extend the intervention in 6 more areas, resulting in at least 6 monitoring reports.
  3. Propose practical recommendations for improvements and further governance reforms
  4. Organizing consultations with relevant institutions on the process of implementation of reforms in the administration and their effects.
  5. Organizing presentation of the findings and initiating wider public debate about importance of accountability of public institutions
  6. Promotion and dissemination of the findings and reports created within the framework of the project
  7. Awareness raising about the pending issues in the selected monitored areas, with the content and findings in the reports and to advocate more media coverage of reform processes.

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