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14 FAQs for 14 most frequent services


year: 2019

This publication aims to provide citizens with information,  answers to their most frequently asked questions about the most commonly used public services, according to several life events. The publication should also serve, for example, for some of the data that every citizen will be able to see online, in one place, for all services, thanks to the Catalog of Public Services. Given the huge number of laws governing public services and their delivery, even for lawyers, and especially for citizens, it is difficult to be fully aware of which authorities are responsible for which service, the conditions they have to meet, ie the evidence. which are required to obtain a particular public service, what is the mechanism of legal protection in case of illegal actions of public bodies, whether and how much administrative fees and other fees should be paid to perform a certain service and other relevant p datoci related services. Such data will be part of the Catalog of Public Services.

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