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Career advancement and competencies

year: 2016

This brochure will help you identify your career advancement goals using the General Competency Framework. Before you begin, we suggest that you consider the following statements openly and honestly: I am able to set goals in accordance with the opinion I have received regarding my performance in the work. I know how to create a vision for the ideal job and the ideal work environment for myself. I know how to align my individual career development goals with the goals of my organization. I believe I have control over making key decisions about my career. I am able to balance priorities and understand why this is important. I accept that the future and the environment are constantly changing, so it is necessary to regularly and continuously review the career goals. Hence, I take action to properly adjust my goals. The chances of setting realistic goals are higher if you can respond positively to these statements. Otherwise, it will benefit you if you review and discuss them with your mentor, your supervisor, or a friend or trusted colleague. Career advancement and competence Setting career goals When setting goals for career advancement in some way you anticipate a segment of your future. You will agree that this is not easy at all. But no matter how difficult and impossible it may seem, it's worth the effort, because people who look ahead and know what they want have the best chance of achieving what they want. When thinking about what you want to achieve in your career development, you need to consider the statements in the table above. In terms of time frame, we recommend that you strive and plan 5 years in advance. Ask yourself: What are your priorities? What is possible and achievable, both professionally and personally? A good career development plan takes into account personal / family needs as well as career opportunities. Your career goals will vary depending on the circumstances and your capabilities.

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