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Standards for human resources


year: 2014

Human resource management standards are a set of good practices derived from managing the most valuable capital available to organizations - people and their potential. These practices reflect many years of research, knowledge, global and domestic experiences, and are solutions that are simply applicable in a diverse, dynamic work environment. Their goal is, first and foremost, to advance the work of the human resources departments in the administration, and further to contribute to the establishment of an effective human resource management system. Human resource management standards have proven to be an extremely useful tool in the operation of human resources departments in the administration of the Republic of Macedonia. Apart from the administrative one, they have found an applied value more widely in other social sectors. Simple, understandable and easily applicable, Human Resource Management Standards stimulate the progress and professional development of employees in any organization. Their application not only increases the quality of work performance, the effectiveness of the work organization, but also the work commitment and the quality of working life in general. This revised edition comes as a result of the need to improve the accepted Human Resource Management Standards and their adaptation to the perceptions that have emerged in the past during their use. The commitments that this revised version of Human Resource Standards Stands to remain the same - a commitment to efficient, professional, responsible and service-oriented administration.

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