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Reinventing governance

This project strives to enhance the accountability of the institutions by improving the coordination and implementation of Government policies will ensure overall effective functioning of the Government. This can be achieved through solid mechanisms in place for development of evidence-based policies, defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will be monitored under CoG coordination, improved internal communication protocols within the designated administrative network and effective system of delegation and responsibilities. Most important, better understanding and awareness of citizens, media and civil society organizations about the principles of good governance will increase the pressure on the government to deliver more effective policies with better results for citizens.

Finally, improved governance will increase accountability and transparency of the institutions and politicians towards citizens in the long term, thus limiting possibilities for corruption, political influencing and clientelism.

Therefore, the overall goal of the project is to create effective governance standards and to facilitate the process of synchronised evidence-based policy planning and implementation process. 

Period 15.12.2022 - 31.03.2025

Donor: British Embassy in Skopje

Project beneficiary: Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Main goal:

Redesigning governance system for improved coordination and monitoring of government performance

Raising awareness about importance of good governance standards among the policy makers, CSO’s, media and citizens

Strenghtning capacities of selected members of the public administration for monitoring of government performance and delivery of results

Expected results:

Proposed model for redesigned governance system to deliver better policy outcomes for all citizens

Defined national good governance standards and tools

Developed institutional setup and electronic management system

Series of strategic communication products aimed at educating policy makers, CSO’s and the citizens about the meaning of Good Governance standards in the management of public policies

Capacity building for public administration in implementation of good governance standard

Project gallery

Presentation of the new model for monitoring the implementation of public policies and values of public administration

Workshop - Solutions for improving the Rules of Procedure of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Workshop on solutions for the improvement of the Rules of Procedure of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia in charge of policies for good governance Slavica Grkovska

Workshop on Problem Analysis for the Processes Regulated by the Rules of Procedure of the RSM Government

Work Мeeting with the State Secretaries of the Ministries and the Secretary General of the Government

Workshop - Policy Coordination by the "Center of Government"

Panel discussion "Reinventing Governance"


Panel Discussion "Reinventing Governance"

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