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Center for Change management is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that promotes understanding and nonviolent social change. The organization focuses on soft measures and policies that help various entities accept changes in society as normal situations and turn them into positive outcomes. The organization believes that strengthening the capacity of public administration, civil society, business community, euro - integration and investment in people are the main agents of change in society.

Latest news

Draft law amending the Law on Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia has been adopted

Date: 17.01.2020

Through multipartite consensus, the Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted important amendments to the Law on Parliament. To strengthen institutional checks and balances, the amended law foresees that parliamentary staff will be more independent from the public administration and paid commensurate with their work. The law also contains measures to bolster the professionalization of the parliamentary services.  CCM, along with the NDI North Macedonia, Institute for Democracy 'Societas Civilis' Skopje, Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia through the Swiss Parliamentary Support Programmme , continues to support this institutional reform.

ОГЛАС за работна позиција: Асистент на проект и лице за односи со јавност

Date: 09.01.2020

Центарот за управување со промени (ЦУП) има потреба од ангажман на Асистент на проект и лице задолжено за односи со јавност за потребите на проектот „Развој на микро-претпријатија за жени во прекуграничната област".  Проектот е поддржан преку Делегацијата на Европската унија и се спроведува во рамки на „Програмата за прекугранична соработка помеѓу Македонија и Албанија за 2014 и 2015 година" со фокус на регионите Полог и Елбасан. Главна задача на Асистент и лице задолжено за односи со јавност е да помага во целиот тек на спроведувањето на активностите и задачите на проектот и да ги врши сите задачи поврзани со информирање на јавноста и комуникација со корисниците и целните групи, како и соодветните институции. Под водство и надзор на координаторот на проектот, асистентот на проектот ќе помага на проектот и ќе се грижи за целокупната видливост на проектот и одржување на односите со јавноста. 

Business planning training for women entrepreneurs

Date: 16.12.2019

We completed the business planning training. Through practical exercises and interactive trainings over 40 women in the MK / AL cross-border region have mastered the techniques of developing business plans and upgraded their knowledge of starting their own business and promoting it.

Workshop for key findings and recommendations for improvement of the EMIS and E-Diary systems

Date: 13.12.2019

We have completed an analysis of the shortcomings of the central educational IT systems: EMIS and E-Diary, with the aim of proposing changes that will mean improvement in the quality of data and the process of exchange and publication of data by educational institutions, thereby improving educational policies based on evidence. The analysis was based on interviews with all relevant institutions in the field of education, a workshop with participants from educational institutions, a survey of school administrators and comparative analysis of best cases.

What kind of budget will the Municipality Gjorche Petrov have for 2020?

Date: 13.12.2019

На 12 декември 2019 година, Општина Ѓорче Петров со поддршка на Центарот за управување со промени (ЦУП), во рамки на проектот “Мои пари, моја одговорност: Партиципативно буџетирање во општините во Македонија” организира Јавна дебата на тема „Каков ќе биде буџетот на Општина Ѓорче Петров за 2020 година“, каде се разви дискусија помеѓу градоначалникот Александар Наумоски со граѓаните и сите засегнати страни, општинската администрација, социјални центри, бизнис заедницата, претставници на училишта и на граѓанскиот сектор, кои функционираат на територија на Општина Ѓорче Петров.

Study visit to the Parliament of Estonia

Date: 29.10.2019

The Center for Change Management participated in a study visit to the Parliament of Estonia, within a delegation of representatives of the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The visit was made in the period from 27-28 October 2019.



Parliamentary Support Programme

Work programme: Improved service delivery for citizens by active engagement of the Assembly

Project for development of micro-enterprises owned by women in the cross-border region



Draft law amending the Law on Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia has been adopted

ОГЛАС за работна позиција: Асистент на проект и лице за односи со јавност

Business planning training for women entrepreneurs



Policies for development of micro-enterprises owned by women in the cross-border region - feasibility study

Open Data Strategy 2018-2020

Good governance standards in the units of local self-government



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Research in our focus

Our goal as an organization is to contribute to changes in the society by better public policies.
See our research in our published work.

Ongoing projects

Parliamentary Support Programme

The PSP will support the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia (the Assembly) independence efforts through consensus-building, structural reform, and capacity building in the Assembly’s institutional development; its legislative and oversight roles; and its institutional transparency and accountability.

The PSP will be implemented by the Center for Change Management, National Democratic Institute and the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis Skopje to support the Assembly’s strategic planning; human resources management reforms; improved regulatory impact assessment and procurement processes; commitment to open data, and, by gauging public opinion and monitoring reform efforts, including greater civic engagement in policy-making processes.

Period: 01.07.2018 - 31.12.2029

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Work programme: Improved service delivery for citizens by active engagement of the Assembly

Delivering services to citizens is the essence of the work of most government institutions. Tasks like paying taxes, renewing driving licenses, enrolling in schools and applying for benefits are often the most tangible interactions citizens have with their government. Improving accessibility of public services to all groups of citizens, including vulnerable groups (marginalized groups, ethnic minorities, persons with disability) is critical in building trust in government and delivering necessary structural reforms in line with the EU standards.

The focus of this programme shall be put on these services related to life events, more specifically 118 services relating to various life events, categorized in eight areas:

  • Manner and procedure for starting a business (for example, preparing a business plan, gathering information where you can find support for starting a business, registration in competent institutions and funds, registration for a tax number, registering employees);
  • Family (for example, obtaining birth certificates, obtaining personal documents, exercising parental rights);
  • Employment (for example, exercising unemployment rights, advising on financial borrowing, labor market counseling, job search assistance, counseling for re qualification);
  • Learning/studying (for example searching for educational programs, recognition of diplomas, scholarships, financial counseling, career counseling, practical work);
  • Initiation of a misdemeanor procedure (for example obtaining accurate information about the procedure, evidences, rights of the party, deadlines, legal remedies);
  • General business procedure (for example, obtaining detailed information about tax procedures, payment of contributions, accounting procedures, financial statements);
  • Owning a vehicle and driving (for example, buying, importing, registration of a vehicle);
  • Moving (for example, changing personal documents, obtaining information about public services at the place of relocation, such as schools, hospitals).

The activities in the work programme on improving public services largely encompass strengthening the capacities of CSOs for safeguarding citizens’ interests and their fundamental rights, thus contributing to one of the pillars of modern democracies – accountable, transparent, participatory, inclusive and effective public administration with high quality of service delivery for citizens. The work programme provides a participatory process, led by CCM in close cooperation with civil society organisations’ networks and competent institutions in order to identify policy measures to ensure access to all citizens to improved, more secure and more efficient services. 

Period: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2020

European Union

Project for development of micro-enterprises owned by women in the cross-border region

This project is completely focused on the potential and existing women entrepreneurs and will provide the necessary support for them to strengthen their business skills as well as additional technical help and support for the women so that they can develop and expand micro and small businesses in the cross-border region between Polog in Macedonia and Elbasan in Albania.

The necessary plans will be made for building up of the capacities of the women entrepreneurs in three areas:

1. Building up of skills and capabilities of the potential entrepreneurs for starting their own business/

2. Improvement of the production and profit for the existing micro-    enterprises and organizing of the support for building up of the capacities of the companies connected with the production of new products, improvement of the sales and trade, networking and B2B meetings.

3. Revising of the policies for development of the micro-enterprises and support of the women entrepreneurship

Period: 01.04.2018 - 30.09.2020

Delegation of the European Union

Support for evidence-based policy making in the education sector

The project aims to establish an analytical unit within the Minsitry of Education and Science, and thus develop the analytical function in the Ministry. The project includes definining the organization of the analytical unit, recruitment of personell, improving their capacities and defining work procedures. In addition, the central information systems for education will be analyzed and recommendations for improvement will be provided, including developing procedures for data collection and exchange within the institutions in the education sector.

Period: 05.12.2018 - 04.08.2020

British Embassy Skopje via UNICEF

Institutional grant provided by the CIVICA MOBILITAS programme

The institutional grant is awarded by the Civica Mobilitas programme financed by the Swiss agency for development and cooperation (SDC) represented by the Swiss embassy in the Republic of North Macedonia. The grant is intended to support CCM in conducting activities for institutional development and organizational strengthening.

Period: 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2020

CIVICA MOBILITAS programme - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

My money, my responsibility – Participative budgeting in municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia

The overall aim of the project is to enhance local-stakeholders’ practice and participation in the local budgeting process, based on which the effectiveness of the municipal-money spending will be increased and fiscal transparency of the municipality will be improved for the benefit of the citizens. The project is implemented in several municipalities by civil society organizations which are part of the FISCAST network. Center for Change Management is responsible for cooperation with Gjorce Petrov municipality in conducting the planned activities and expected results. 

Period: 01.05.2017 - 31.05.2020

USAID, Civic engagement project-implemented by East West Management Institute

Bringing change - good governance and effectiveness in the public administration

The project will target four niche areas that can impact the way the public administration is managed. It will pilot merit based selection and performance management for the senior management of the civil service, establishing criteria and performance standards for the senior political appointees within the Government. The project will also establish clear lines of accountability in four sectors, outlining structures for development and implementation of sectoral strategic goals. In addition, the project will build capacity in four sectors for improved performance and delivery of strategic goals in their respective institutions. Finally, delivery of public services shall be improved based on the information provided to the citizens in the Catalogue of public services and based on the recommendations provided to the institutions regarding the necessary legal, institutional and technical improvements.

Period: 01.08.2018 - 31.03.2020

British Embassy Skopje

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