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Center for Change management is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that promotes understanding and nonviolent social change. The organization focuses on soft measures and policies that help various entities accept changes in society as normal situations and turn them into positive outcomes. The organization believes that strengthening the capacity of public administration, civil society, business community, euro - integration and investment in people are the main agents of change in society.

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Date: 26.11.2021

On 25.11.2021 at the House of the National Army in Skopje, the Center fo chnage Management (CCM) and the Ministry of Defense (MD) organized a workshop for enhancing the processes of public procurements. 

Participants on the event were the emplyees of all the departments and sections of the Ministry and the Generalstaf who work on public procurements. The participants actively participated in the discussions where they shared the every-day probles and worked on concrete ideas for overcoming them and worked on a software solution for a better organziation and monitoring the public procurements.  

the workshop was leaded by the CCM team with the support of IT specialists whi in the following period will develop the solutn for the software for public procurements adjusted to the needs and sugestions of the emplyees in the Ministry of Defense. 

The workshop was conducted within the project "Support of reforms for good governance in the Ministry of Defense" who is implemented by the CCM and is supported by the British embassy in NM.  


Date: 24.11.2021

On 24.11.2021 CCM organized a presentation of the Report from the conducted Functional analisys of the commission for prevention and protection against discrimination (CPPD). 

The goal of this event was to develop a discussion and to create a plan for enhancmenet of the administrative capacities of the Commission in the long run. The Deputy ambasador of the British Ambacy in NM Julian Smith was present on the event and shared her impressions and gave her support to the project.  

With the plan for enhancement and the additional dcuments for internal organization of the Commission we will finish the cycle for conducting the functional analisys which is created in the diretion of enhancment of the efficiency of the institution through identifiyng challenges and proposing concrete measures.

The event is implemented within the project "combating discrimination through support of the Commission for prevention and protection against discrimination", which is implemented by CCM and supported by the Britih Embassy in North Macedonia.  


Date: 24.11.2021

The Executive Director of CCM Neda Maleska Sachmaroska was a speaker on a webinar on the toic "North Macedonia: (un)predictable challenges on the political scene".

the topics of sicussion on the webinar were related to the effects that the local elections had on the overal political climate in Noth Macedonia, the effect and influence of the Bulgarian question in the foreign policy of the Country and the situation with the mplementation of the reforms in the internal/domestic politics. 

The Webinar was organized by the Institute for Central Europe in Poland. 


Date: 22.11.2021

On the Sammite for women entrepreneurship 2021, the Center for Change Management (CCM) was awarded as a CSO with best practies and contribution for the development of women entrepreneurship. The award was assigned by the National Platform for Women Entrepreneurship.  
CCM in the past years has worked intensively on the topic "women entrepreneurship" thorugh project that had the ain goal of enhancing womens role in the business sector. The implemented projects enebeled promotion and enhancement of the business proceses of women entrepreneurs, increased economic activity of of women and providing support in overcoming the main challenges which they face through the process of stating a new business or the development of an already existing business. Thorugh the implemented project we helped and supported the development of over 200 women entreprises! Also, through the project "Measures for enhancing women businesses after Covid-19" we help women entrepreneurs in dealing with the challenges brought by the Covid-19 crisis.  

CCM contnues to fight for womens rights and women enterpreneurship through its projects and activities!   


Date: 14.11.2021

From 13 to 14 November 2021 in Mavrovo, CCM organized a two-day training on the topic “Protection of personal information within the work of the Commission for prevention and protection from discrimination” and the project “Combating discrimination through support of the Commission for prevention and protection from discrimination”, supported by the United Kingdom through the British Embassy in Skopje.


This tailor-made training had the goal to show the wider picture of data protection within the work of the Commission, receiving, processing and publishing of information in order to protect them as well as work in accordance with the Law for Protection of Personal Information. The training provided an overview of the challenges that the commission might ace, especially in regards to digital tools and the ways of using them as well as finding solutions for all possible challenges.


Date: 25.10.2021

CCM Programme Coordinator Iskra Belcheva- Ristovska participated in Community Resilience Forum (CRF) which is one of the EU TACSO 3 Capacity Development Programme package.

It addresses one of the most critical issues for civil society as identified through needs assessment, i.e. CSOs relation with constituencies and genuine activism.

Belcheva-Ristovska presented the CCM online advocacy tool that enables citizens and CSOs to submit initiatives to open a debate with decision makers in society, especially with MPs in the Assembly. More on the online tool on the following link . 

Citizen centered public services not only for citizens, but designed by citizens


Research in our focus

Our goal as an organization is to contribute to changes in the society by better public policies. See our research in our published work.

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Ongoing projects

Combatting discrimination through effective work of the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination

Building a strong and professional Commission, which will be supported by a strong and professional expert service. Namely, a precondition for the effective action of the CPPD is not only the Law on prevention and protection against discrimination, but also the functioning of the service that provides the basic support for the work of the commissioners. The activities envisaged in the first year of the project will contribute to the establishment of an appropriate organizational structure based on functional analysis, development of detailed job descriptions with clearly defined goals and objectives, but also necessary core and specific competencies, development of clear, precise and efficient work procedures in relation to cases of discrimination, building a system for collecting and analyzing data in the field of discrimination, as well as determining the tools and mechanisms through which information will be shared with the public and public awareness in the area will be strengthened. The activities related to building and strengthening the capacities of the members of CPPD and the employees in the professional service, which are foreseen in the second year of the project implementation, will enable independent work of the institution in order to protect the rights and freedoms of the citizens and will actively contributes to building equal opportunities and access to resources for all.

Period: 01.06.2021 - 31.03.2023

This project is funded by the Government of the United Kingdom, through the British Embassy Skopje

Women power measures against COVID consequences

This project will address the challenges and the future development for 9 women owned businesses, affected by the Covid-19 economic downfall. They will go through a process of structuring and restructuring their business model, some of them (informal businesses) formalizing activities especially those in the field of the agricultural sector. Not only that, know-how techniques that will be developed and knowledge and skills improved but also woman will be encourage to modify and introduce innovate products and services. Furthermore, innovative manufacturing and selling techniques will be introduced, with the sole purpose of strengthening, improving the sustainability and profitability of the businesses.  Also, progress in digital skills will be introduced, especially since the coronavirus crisis has shown that adequate digital skills are crucial for the business to be able to connect and adapt to the new digital economy.

Furthermore, the project will be focused on creating policies and measures for alleviation of the economic consequences arisen form the COVID-19 crisis specifically considering women owned businesses and women entrepreneurs, as one of the most vulnerable group to the health crisis. By the end of the project, it is expected measures and different policy changes to be proposed to the local and central governmental bodies with all the activities to be undertaken in the next 12 months

Period: 15.07.2021 - 16.07.2022

The Balkan Trust for Democracy

Youth involvement in a constructive dialogue: Communist Past in Contemporary Western Balkan (YOU-WB)

The project Youth involvement in a constructive dialogue: Communist Past in Contemporary Western Balkan (YOU-WB) is a project funded by Europe for Citizens Program, European Remembrance. 

It involves students, practitioners, and academicians from Albania, Macedonia, France, and Italy and aims is to foster national and transnational youth activist's dialogue about the reflection of past communist regimes in contemporary Western Balkan (WB). 

The project activities are envisaging different thematic 4 workshops in 4 different countries tackling the topics that reflect the past communist regime (such as rules, norms, rights, practices, and customs); the national Identities and collective memory in an enlarged Europe; political culture and social changes in post-communist transition, finalizing with the conference that will focus on the Post-Communism and Democracy in WB.

The project is a partnership among Center for Comparative and International Study (project leader) CCIS; Mesdheu Center (MC) Qendra SHKENCE DHE INOVACION PER ZHVILLIM (SCiDEV) (from Albania); Center for Change Management (from North Macedonia); Patrimoine sans Frontières (PSF) (France) and PERIPLI - Culture e Società Euromediterranee (Italy)

Period: 01.02.2021 - 01.07.2022

Europe for Citizens Program

Institutional grant provided by the CIVICA MOBILITAS programme

The institutional grant is awarded by the Civica Mobilitas programme financed by the Swiss agency for development and cooperation (SDC) represented by the Swiss embassy in the Republic of North Macedonia. The grant is intended to support CCM in conducting activities for institutional development and organizational strengthening.

Period: 01.07.2019 - 30.06.2022

CIVICA MOBILITAS programme - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Improving the organizational structure of the Patronage service

The UNICEF country programme 2020-2025 focuses on policies relevant to children, primarily health, social protection and education, and the porposed collaboration falls within the expected outcomes related to health. UNICEF detected that "in the health sector, there has been insufficient emphasis on preventative and primary care, and the government has mainly focused on building hospitals, buying expensive equipment, and benefiting from fraudulent procurements. The input by CCM will cover aspects related to institutional organisation and development, human capital development, more specifically systematization of working positions, job descriptions and competences (general and professional), as well as performance management and appraisal. Improved functioning of the Patronage Service as part of the health sector will significantly indirectly contribute to the wellbeing of children in the country.

Period: 01.11.2021 - 01.06.2022


Support for improved governance in the Ministry of Defence of North Macedonia

The impact of the project will be to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the MoD through functional public procurements’ management. In the mid and long-term, the developed e-system for management of public procurements should enable timely planning and preparation of procurement and successful implementation of tender procedures with standardized documents, while minimising the risk of corruption and conflict of interest. The actual public procurement process is undertaken by the Bureau for Public Procurement, so this project will improve the planning and coordination of procurements.

Period: 15.09.2021 - 31.03.2022

This project is funded by the Government of the United Kingdom, through the British Embassy Skopje

Digitalisation of services in the education sector

The focus of this project will be to further digitalise services in the education sector, which are used frequently and can have a larger impact both on the users, and the MES as a service provider. The project will encompass full digitalisation of these services (reaching transactional level according to EU benchmarks), providing support in reorganising the internal processes in the MES for these services, building capacities of the administration in the MES for administering the services, and designing and delivering promotional campaign to motivate the relevant user groups in using the e-services.

Period: 01.10.2021 - 31.03.2022

This project is funded by the Government of the United Kingdom, through the British Embassy Skopje

Support to SIGMA mission for annual assessment of public administration

The Center for Change Management is supporting SIGMA Mission for annual assessment of public administration in the Republic of North Macedonia for the year 2021, by providing local expertise and logistics of the staff and international experts engaged by SIGMA. The activities inlude support of the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in organization and coordination of meeting with relevant institutions, providing relevant documents, review and assessment of submitted documentation by institutions and support in preparation of the report by SIGMA.

Period: 15.03.2021 - 30.06.2021


Analysis of retention issues in IPA structures in North Macedonia

Period: 15.03.2021 - 30.06.2021


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