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EU Public Procurement Rules / PRAG

2 days
8 sessions
12 hours
10-20 participants

Programme goals

IPA funds, intended to support RSM reforms, are usually governed by EU assistance rules outside the EU. Those rules are essentially the rules for public procurement, ie the implementation of procurement financed by public finances. PRAG (EC Guide) provides detailed guidelines and prescribed patterns to follow, but they have a logical sequence and justification for procedures.

In reality, PRAGUE acts discouragingly for users, but with the right direction these rules are understandable as well as national public procurement rules. It is the purpose of the training to encourage public and private organizations to use IPA funds, ie to prepare to follow the prescribed rules and procedures.

Contribution towards development of knowledge, skills and competences

At the end of the training the participants:

  • They will get acquainted with the bigger picture of the pre-accession assistance for RSM
  • They will understand the logic behind the procedures prescribed in PRAG, as well as the general principles
  • Acquire knowledge of procurement types and procurement procedures according to contract value
  • They will learn the necessary tender documents for the procurement and the required deadlines
  • They will apply such knowledge to the practical preparation of some of the tender documents

Programme content

  • Pre-accession assistance for RSM from the EU
  • Assistance management models
  • Procurement in project management
  • Basic principles of LAW
  • Types of procurement - services, goods, construction works
  • Agreements by PRAGUE
  • Purchase value
  • Tender documents
  • Practical exercises

Programme coordinator

Iskra Belceva – Ristovska

Iskra has extensive experience in managing projects financed by the European Union in Macedonia, mainly for the development of institutions of public administration and supporting reforms aimed at EU membership. She was part of the management team of the contracting authority for IPA, where she was responsible for the functioning of IPA structures in the beneficiary institutions, capacity development, establishment and operation of the decentralized implementation system of IPA,quality control of tender documents and procedures, conducting numerous tender evaluations and coordinating all Twinning contracts.

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