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Implementation of EU-funded projects - grants and services

3 days
12 sessions
18 hours
5-10 participants

Programme goals

The training aims to provide practical guidance and advice on the successful implementation of two types of projects - services (projects that provide consulting services, capacity building, job support) and grants (full support for the implementation of a smaller project), which are supported through IPA programs for North Macedonia. In order to successfully implement projects in accordance with the PRAG rules and special program requirements, specific knowledge is required of the procedures to be followed, the rules of financial management, providing documentation, evidence and audit trail, specific communication with users, target groups and the donor.

The training provides an overview of the most important aspects of the documents and procedures that should be used through their practical application during the training.

Contribution towards development of knowledge, skills and competences

At the end of the training the participants:

  • Wwill get acquainted with the PRAG templates used in the implementation of these projects
  • Will understand the rules and procedures that are mandatory
  • Will learn how to manage project progress, risks and changes
  • Will understand how to financially manage projects
  • Will learn how to report on project progress

Programme content

  • Obligations under the grant contract
  • Project changes
  • Project budget management
  • PRAG procurement rules
  • Project documentation
  • Notification
  • Practical examples of procedures
  • Practical exercises with the prescribed documents

Programme coordinator

Iskra Belceva – Ristovska

Iskra has extensive experience in managing projects financed by the European Union in Macedonia, mainly for the development of institutions of public administration and supporting reforms aimed at EU membership. She was part of the management team of the contracting authority for IPA, where she was responsible for the functioning of IPA structures in the beneficiary institutions, capacity development, establishment and operation of the decentralized implementation system of IPA,quality control of tender documents and procedures, conducting numerous tender evaluations and coordinating all Twinning contracts.

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