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Implementation of Key Performance Indicators

1 day
4 sessions
8 hours
10-20 participants

Programme goals

The program provides basic training on the benefits and methods of implementing key performance indicators. The training is intended for all those involved in the processes of promotion and analysis of discrepancies, especially employees who are engaged in the analysis of operating processes and have experience with the quality management system.

The purpose of the program Introduction of performance and effectiveness of processes in the organization, determining the degree to which the planned requirements and needs of process users are met, determining methods of maintenance, monitoring and re-examination of key performance indicators.

Contribution towards development of knowledge, skills and competences

At the end of the training, the participants will acquire the following skills:

  • Determining what needs to be monitored and measured
  • Defining monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation methods needed to ensure accurate results
  • Determining when measurement and monitoring must be performed
  • As well as when the results of measurement and monitoring must be analyzed and evaluated
  • Maintaining proper documentation as evidence of the results

Programme content

  • Introduction to efficiency indicators
  • Categorization and measurement points
  •  Focus on the elements of activity
  • Identification of indicators for harmonization of products and services
  • Degree of customer satisfaction
  • Performance and efficiency of the management system
  • Efficiency of measures taken regarding risks and opportunities
  • Performance from external suppliers, needs for improvements

- Practical examples of Key Performance Indicator and their application

Programme coordinator

Jasna Pajkovska

Jasna Pajkovska has experience in finance, entrepreneurship and human resources management. She has participated in numerous trainings about she is also an active human resource development, communication skills and entrepreneurship, and member of the Macedonian Human Resources Association. She has been working on projects in the field of cultural development of orphans and assessing the process of national integration of primary schools in the country.

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