Senior Management Workshop (Functionals) - Management and Development PART 2 | CCM

Senior Management Workshop (Functionals) - Management and Development PART 2

3 days
12 sessions
24 hours
10-20 participants

Programme goals

The aim of this workshop is to build on module 1 and continue to support the development and strengthening of senior management capacity by following the latest insights and best practices regarding their role, responsibilities and issues that are a priority for managers in the public sector, providing an opportunity to jointly consider ways to apply that knowledge in their national context.

Contribution towards development of knowledge, skills and competences

At the end of the training the participants will:

  • Identify and explore personal preferences in the team and the influence of leaders in working with others
  • Improved inter-personal styles and skills necessary for effective communication
  • Explore approaches to achieving influence through negotiation and persuasion.
  • To explore the practical skills of employee involvement: motivation, delegation, the benefits of establishing individual performance measurement goals.
  • Develop skills to deal with difficult people and situations.

Programme content

  • Performance guidance and monitoring guidance:
  • Consider the role of leadership in successfully leading change, including:
  • Description of the causes and behaviors that manifest in resistance to change and developing strategies on how to deal with them
  • Plan how to use resources effectively to implement change and continue to deliver services.
  • Performance measurement and defining performance measurement goals
  • Practical session on how to deal with difficult behaviors, situations and poor performance
  • Consider the role of leadership in successfully change management

Programme coordinator

Neda Maleska Sachmaroska

Neda Maleska Sacmaroska has long professional experience in the domain of organizational and institutional development both in public administration and civil society sector. Her special interests are in public policies and public administration, institutional and organisational development, strategy, human resource management and development, management of change.

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